Summer Hours

For the last six years, Brooklyn’s Summer Hours have slowly but surely dug their way into the indie-pop subconscious. The trio’s stripped-down pop sets delicate boy/girl vocals and meandering
guitars against a bubbling undercurrent of dark themes. Their latest release, the Inside Out EP, is their tightest and most confident collection yet.

Following a handful of self-released CDs and shows along the East Coast, Summer Hours hooked up with Contraphonic Music for a reissue of their debut, Summer, which earned spectacular reviews and quickly sold out thanks to word of mouth. Certain to build upon that success, the 5 songs on Inside Out play like call-and-response love letters – cunning confessionals sprinkled with pop morsels. At a brisk 20 minutes, Inside Out is a kiss that’s over too soon, remembered for much longer, with a lingering thirst for more.